Frequently asked questions

We know you may have questions.....

Challenge Point is an amazing, immersive gaming concept! Teams of 2 - 6 people, compete in 7 crazy mini gameshow style challenges with the aim of earning as many points as possible. Each mini game lasts between 5 minutes. The whole experience lasts for 70 - 90 minutes. If you can score the magic figure of 130 throughout the 7 mini games you will face the final round - The Point and be in with the chance of winning some amazing prizes.

If you've ever watched a game show then this will give you a slight idea of what to expect. Imagine the Crystal Maze combined with The Cube, throw in a bit of Mission Impossible style laser maze, merge an insane crazy golf course and incorporate some remote control tanks in Tokyo and you are halfway there. It's a great fun experience that can be enjoyed by most.

Friends, family, work colleagues, parties, stag and hen do's. Basically, everybody can play! (Contact us for more information about these bookings).

People play in teams of 2 - 6 people. You will only play with the people you bring with you on the day, you will not play any of the games with strangers.
A maximum of 7 teams can play in each session. You will all get the introduction and health and safety brief together but will not interact within the game rooms.
It is possible you will be the only team in your session which automatically means that you will play the final round.

Anyone over the age of 6 is welcome to play! We require anyone under 16 to always be accompanied by an adult (18 or over). The accompanying adult does not have to play, but must stay on site the whole game. There is no maximum age limit. All players can choose if they wish to take part in any of the mini games, if they do not they can still enter the game room and shout advice or support.

Both! The games will contain a mixture of mental, physical and skill based mini games. If you do not wish to take part in a mini game this is fine and you can still enter the game room and shout advice or support.

Wear whatever you feel comfortable in. Some of the games are more physical in nature, we strongly advise against any heeled shoe. We would suggest that you don’t wear loose clothing as it may result in a lower score in certain games.

You will play 7 mini games in total, each lasting 5 minutes. If you get the highest score of any team in your session, you will get to play the final round which is a 3 minute game.

Yes, every 3 months we invite back the 5 teams with the highest score to compete against each other. The top 3 teams will all win prizes which range from free entry to Breakout Manchester, Virtual Hideout or Challenge Point to tickets to festivals and gigs and cash prizes.

This is a 90 minute experience. Please make sure you arrive on site 10-15 minutes before your time slot. If you arrive late, you may not be able to play one or more of the mini games.

Yes! You can come back and try to beat your previous score. The more you play the better you will get.

As these change frequently we will update them on social media monthly - check us out!

Peak (Friday after 5pm, Saturdays and Sundays):
£29 each for 2 people
£24 each for 3 people
£22 each for 4 people
£20 each for 5 people
£18 each for 6 people

Off peak (Monday - Thursday and pre 5pm on Fridays):
£25 each for 2 people
£20 each for 3 people
£18 each for 4 people
£16 each for 5 people
£15 each for 6 people

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The discount is built into the price, the more people you bring, the cheaper it is per person. We also offer a Blue Lite discount at 10% off your booking. You must bring your Blue Light Card on the day that you play (Please contact us for more information).

Yes! It's a great experience for team building events. If you'd like to hire Challenge Point for a private event, you can either:

Visit our booking page and book all 5 of the slots at your chosen date and time here or call us on: 0161 923 4669 and a member of our team can assist you further.

Unfortunately, the building we currently operate out of does not currently have wheelchair access. We are in the process of installing an access lift for wheelchair users, please contact us for updates. If you use a wheelchair, you would be limited to the games you can play. You could play 1 game as intended, 2 games in a reduced role, and 2 games you would unfortunately not be able to enter due to steps into the room. To access our site there is one flight of stairs, approximately 13 steps.

Hard of hearing or deaf players can play the mini games without issue.

Please contact us via e-mail on if you have any further questions.

We are located at 87 Newton Street, Manchester, M11EX which is located in the Northern Quarter in central Manchester. Please see the contact page for more information

We are open Thursday to Sunday from 11am to 11pm.

Basic refreshments will be available. No alcohol is sold on site.