Challenge Point - Where you become the star of the show!

25/09/2023 | By Challenge Point | Category News

Challenge Point has officially opened its doors! Sharing a site with our sister company Breakout on Newton Street in the Northern Quarter of Manchester and following on from our successful “pilot episodes” we are ready to host you! Have you ever wanted the opportunity to take on your favourite game show? Perhaps you’ve even applied and had no luck? Now is your chance!

A mash-up of the game show formula, teams of 2-6 will play 5 unique minigames and vie for poll position on our leaderboards. There’s also the chance to play an extra game, known as The Point, for our high scoring teams! Typically lasting 60-90 minutes, Challenge Point is suitable for all!

Test your communication and driving in Tokyo Tank, put your dexterity to the test in the Laser Maze, show off your short game in Mini Golf and more! Be aware though that our games may not be what they seem at first glance…

Challenge Point is a truly unique experience inspired by classic and new game shows which comes together to make a memorable, family-friendly day out in Manchester. Challenge Point will see you playing rapid fire rounds across several rooms.

We believe that Challenge Point will push the boundary of live entertainment once again. Click below to book now and see the start of a first of its kind experience. Here’s a quote from our founders, Ed and Dave, on why they took on this passion project that was the driving force behind our new Newton Street location:

“Ever since we popularised and spread the escape room formula to the rest of the Northwest we’ve wanted to replicate that excitement for fresh, live entertainment. This is why we moved into our new, larger premises on Newton Street last October so that we would have the space to pursue this goal. We love the concept of Challenge Point, who doesn’t want to try their hand at a game show?” Check out the Challenge Point website and book here:

See you soon!