A crazy interactive gameshow, where teams of 2-6 battle it out, in a series of insane mini games, with the aim of winning as many points as possible.

Teams will face a gauntlet of trials, from trivia questions to feats of skills, all in the name of winning points. The winning team will advance to the final round - The Point!

The Challenge

At Challenge Point Manchester, you will play 7 crazy mini games, each lasting 5 minutes. Your goal is to win as many points as possible in the allocated time. Each game is truly unique and will test your skills to the maximum. Here are some of the mini games that you will play:
Super Market Beep
Inspired from the game show, Supermarket Sweep, this mini game will have you and your team running wild in the aisles whilst racking up points to help scale the leaderboard! This is a fact paced mini game which will have you and your team searching high and low as you aim to scan the items on your shopping list. Scan, Shop, Score
Laser Maze
A pitch black room awaits, press the red button and you progress to the next level. Break a red laser and you start again. Green Lasers? Now that would be telling. Do you think you can complete 30 levels in 8 minutes?
Tokyo Tank
Take control of remote control battle tanks, in a futuristic Japanese city where you will need a combination of skill, coordination, and teamwork to succeed. This game will challenge you to come up with creative strategies to win!
Mini Golf
Traditional mini golf is dead and buried. Why only go for 1 hole at a time when you can go for all 18 at the same time at Challenge Point Manchester? We warn you this game is fiendishly difficult!

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